What delivery options are available?

We currently offer three shipping methods for getting your orders to you

  • Standard shipping: The standard shipping takes (2) days to deliver in Lagos and (3-4) days to deliver for other states

The shipping method charges a flat rate that would be displayed when you input your address on the checkout page. This method is often cheaper than its express counterpart.

  • Express shipping: Usually this is slightly more expensive than the standard option. The express shipping method gives our customers the option to get their goods delivered faster

The express shipping delivers (next day) in Lagos and takes (2) days to deliver for all other states that LLYNE delivers to.

This shipping method charges a flat rate that would be displayed when you input your address displayed on the checkout page.

  • Free shipping: Free shipping takes (2) days to deliver in Lagos and (3-4) days to deliver at other states.

We only deliver Goods on Weekdays and Saturday. If you don’t live in a city or a location Our logistic partners can reach then you would be directed to pick up your goods from the closest park to you.

P.N: To be eligible for free shipping you must have a total order above N30000, If you stay in Lagos and N65000 if you stay anywhere outside Lagos.


General Return Policy

LLYNE offers a 7 days return policy for all products we sell. If something goes wrong with an eligible product and you notify us within 7 days of receiving the item, we will help you to reach a satisfactory resolution such as a return for replacement, exchange, but not refund.

After 7 days, our return policy expires and returns/exchanges are no longer covered. However, if you are dissatisfied with an item for any reason and the return policy has expired, you can still contact us at and we will try to help if we can. 

General Return Policy Eligibility (& Warranty Exception)

Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them. Products in the categories below are not eligible for return:

Defective products with manufacturer’s warranties have different policies: 
If a product is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, the product’s manufacturer has authorized third-party repair service providers to repair their products. For these products, you may be directed to contact the manufacturer or service center to handle issues covered under the warranty and receive your repair or replacement free of charge.

General Return Process

1. Registration of Complaint: 
Call to Register your complaint before the return policy expires or Mail

2. Complaint Review: 
Within 48 hours, your request will be reviewed by us.

3. Complaint Feedback: 
After your complaint is reviewed, your item may or may not be authorized for return depending on the ‘General Return Policy Eligibility’ factors described above.

If return is not authorized, this will be communicated along with the relevant reasons. If return is authorized, you will be sent an authorization along with appropriate information on where to drop off the item. The products are your responsibility till it reaches our office or drop off location. Please ensure to pack return safely to prevent damage of the product or boxes.

4. Return of Item: 
If return is authorized, you will be asked to return the item within the timeframe communicated while ensuring that:

The item is returned in its original packaging with all accessories intact

The item is in the same condition it was in when delivered

The invoice is included with the reason for return written on it

5. Return Confirmation: 
Once your return is received you will receive a confirmation, however if the item does not meet the criteria required for #4 – Return of Item, your return may be declined. Please note that this confirmation is simply a confirmation of the return and not of any defect, etc. as the item has not been inspected thoroughly.

6. Resolution Processing: 
Depending on the exact issue, final resolution after return confirmation may happen very quickly or may take longer. Scenarios involving relatively detailed inspections or examinations may take longer.

7. Final Resolution: 
Your repair, replacement or exchange will be on its way to you.